Powerfuel Week

Conference, trade fair and public exhibition

Goals of the Powerfuel Week

A climate-neutral society is the goal – innovative technologies are the way. With our knowledge, network and this new platform, we promote and mediate at the interface between research, industry and politics.

Commitment, neutrality and openness to technology characterize our actions.

Switzerland is leading the way into the world of hydrogen, e.g. emission-free freight transport. The aim of the Powerfuel Week is to support stakeholders in Switzerland on this journey – with innovative formats at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. At the Powerfuel Conference and Powerfuel Trade Fair, we will present projects, drive forward innovation and support the market. At the same time, during the Powerfuel Days, visitors to the Swiss Museum of Transport will discover the role of hydrogen as an essential building block towards achieving our climate targets.

The building blocks of the Powerfuel Week 2023

The leading event for associations, federal institutions, industry and science on the topic of alternative energy systems with top-class national and international speakers.

Nothing is as valuable than personal exchange. At the trade fair accompanying the conference, you can make direct contact with the exhibitors – an ideal format for networking.

With this public event we create visibility with various touchpoints and awareness for the latest trends and innovations on the topic of hydrogen and synfuels (e-fuels).

The Synfuels Forum will be part of the Powerfuel Week and thus the third day of the conference – the topic will be synthetic fuels.

Our motivation – moving into the future with hydrogen

How can we achieve the 2050 climate targets?

Hydrogen will play a key role in the future energy system and is increasingly the focus of science, business, politics and society in the discourse on climate-neutral energy sources. The aim of the events is to bundle various activities in the sector in an informative way and to network players nationally and internationally. The resulting ideas should act as an impetus to motivate the stakeholders involved to work together. This year’s edition is the kick-off to an annual event of international calibre.

Introduction from Avenergy Suisse

The members of Avenergy Suisse supply energy for road and air transport. In Switzerland, more than 6 million road vehicles with combustion engines have recently been joined by an increasing number of electric vehicles with fuel cells. This means that a hydrogen supply network has to be set up. Members of Avenergy Suisse have been committed to this for years. They are investing in a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations, developing practical know-how for their safe and reliable operation, and fostering cooperation with other stakeholders in this forward-looking technology. The Powerfuel Week offers an excellent opportunity for exchanges between all interested parties.

Become part of the Powerfuel Week 2023

Don’t miss the chance to become part of this new and innovative event concept. Reach your potential customers at the Powerfuel Conference 2023. Present your company and portfolio to leading OEMs, decision makers, researchers, and newcomers from the entire application spectrum around hydrogen, fuel cells, and synfuels (e-fuels).

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