Powerfuel Days

The public event for all visitors of the Swiss Museum of Transport

May 13 to 21, 2023

The Powerfuel Days took place from May 13 to 21, 2023, in the arena of the Swiss Museum of Transport. As a visitor of the Museum of Transport, you had the opportunity to experience the alternative technologies with hydrogen and synfuels (e-fuels) as a future-oriented topic at first hand. From test drives to future training in renewable energy, you could find a wide range of exciting services and exhibits at Powerfuel Days.

9 days

Exhibitors from Switzerland and abroad

Arena of the Museum of Transport

Our exhibitors:

The AGVS Zentralschweiz showed the professions of the future, because alternative technologies are changing the activities in the automotive industry and new skills are increasingly in demand. Avenergy Suisse provided insights into their areas of activity and its members on the importance of the security of supply in Switzerland. In addition, a realistic hydrogen refueling could be simulated.
At the Powerfuel Days, the AVIA demonstrated the transformation of the AVIA members from petroleum traders to modern energy service providers and showed today, what the service station of tomorrow will look like.

The Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), exhibited a prototype and showed what a mid- and luxury-class vehicle could look like in the future. The Interurban Vehicle, the fuel cell plug-in hybrid focusses on emission-free mobility, automation, safety and comfort. The vehicle is expected to achieve a range of more than 1000 km and relieve the driver on the long distances by automating up to SAE level 4.

The Migros presented to the visitors of the Swiss Museum of Transport what decarbonization and digitalization in goods transport look like. In addition to the M Opex Tower (the digital supply chain twin) and three alternative, sustainable truck drive technologies (electric, hydrogen and biogas), they were unveiling a world first: LOXO Alpha – the self-driving delivery vehicle that brings Migros products to its customers every day.

Opel welcomed you to the new era of zero-emission commercial vehicles. The Vivaro-e HYDROGEN combines all the advantages of local emission-free operation and hydrogen refueling in the shortest possible time. Toyota was also on site with their fuel cell model – the Toyota Mirai. It combines technical innovation, elegant design and dynamic performance.

Extract from the list of exhibitors at the Powerfuel Days 2023