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14 – 22 May, 2022
Swiss Museum of Transport

Conference, trade fair and exhibition

What is Powerfuel Week 2022?

Switzerland is leading the way into the world of hydrogen, e.g. emission-free freight transport. Switzerland is leading the way into the world of hydrogen, e.g. emission-free freight transport. The aim of Powerfuel Week is to support stakeholders in Switzerland on this journey – with innovative formats at the extremely interesting Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. At the Powerfuel Conference and Trade Fair, we will present projects, drive forward innovation and support the market. At the same time, during the Powerfuel Days, visitors to the Swiss Museum of Transport will discover the role of hydrogen as an essential building block towards achieving our climate targets.

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Powerfuel Week 2022 consists of four modules:

16. – 17.05.2022

Switzerland’s professional event with approx. 250 participants.

Duration: 2 days
Location: Film theatre

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The conference for Switzerland in an international context.

Duration: 1 day
Attendees: 100
Location: Hans Erni museum auditorium

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16. – 17.05.2022

The accompanying trade fair with approx. 25 exhibitors.

Duration: 2 days
Exhibitors: 25
Location: Conference center

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14. – 22.05.2022

The public event for all visitors to the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Duration: 9 days
Exhibitors: 20
Location: Arena of the Swiss Museum of Transport

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Our motivation – moving into the future with hydrogen



The members of Avenergy Suisse supply energy for road and air transport. In Switzerland, more than 6 million road vehicles with combustion engines have recently been joined by an increasing number of electric vehicles with fuel cells. This means that a hydrogen supply network has to be set up. Members of Avenergy Suisse have been committed to this for years. They are investing in a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations, developing practical know-how for their safe and reliable operation, and fostering cooperation with other stakeholders in this forward-looking technology. Powerfuel Week offers an excellent opportunity for exchanges between all interested parties.

Dr. Roland Bilang
Avenergy Suisse

How can we achieve the 2050 climate targets?

Hydrogen will play a key role in the future energy system and is increasingly the focus of science, business, politics and society in the discourse on climate-neutral energy sources. The aim of the events is to bundle various activities in the sector in an informative way and to network players nationally and internationally. The resulting ideas should act as an impetus to motivate the stakeholders involved to work together. This year’s edition is the kick-off to an annual event of international calibre.

Elmar Schäfer
Quade & Zurfluh AG

Powerfuel Week 2022

The hydrogen and fuel cell event in Switzerland

The hydrogen and
fuel cell event in Switzerland

Powerfuel Week 2022 will address all aspects of hydrogen for every interest group. Three parallel events will be held to ensure that the topic attracts the right sort of attention and that the various stakeholders can join forces for future projects. Thanks to the innovative venue at the Swiss Museum of Transport and the new format consisting of a conference, trade fair and public exhibition, this exceptional event is sure to deliver added value for all participants.

Networking and matchmaking in a unique atmosphere

The Powerfuel Days will take place from 14 to 22 May in the “arena” of the Swiss Museum of Transport. As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to present your company and your products to visitors to the Swiss Museum of Transport for nine days. The highly topical theme of hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as synfuels, will be explained to a broad public and to specific target groups. In addition to the normal visitor frequency, this will also attract extra visitor target groups to the Swiss Museum of Transport. A daily programme will be organised for the general public.

The accompanying trade fair will take place from 16. 16 to 17 May in the conference center and its foyer. As an exhibitor, you will be allocated a complete stand (6 m²) where you can present your content, products and services to participants. Around 25 national and international exhibitors will be represented. The focus is on producers and users. The coffee breaks and lunch break will also be held in the conference center and ensure high visibility for trade fair exhibitors.

Join us as a participant of the Powerfuel Conference from 16. 16 to 17 May 2022. In the film theatre, you can expect to enjoy fascinating talks on the latest state of politics, science and economy with a national and international focus involving representatives from Europe, Asia and North America. The aim is for new collaborations to be initiated and stakeholders to be brought together. Die diversen Kaffeepausen zwischen den Vorträgen und der Lunch Break bieten interessante Möglichkeiten für Networking und Matchmaking.

On the third day of the conference, in cooperation with NOW (National Organisation Hydrogen) from Berlin, political activities will be highlighted in the Hans Erni museum auditorium – looking beyond the country’s borders. International representatives will provide insights from specific countries, including Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. The common goal: to establish renewable hydrogen for a complete decarbonisation of the energy system as well as a future-oriented European hydrogen infrastructure.

Dinner under the planes

In the aviation and space travel hall, there will be planes flying around your ears – in a positive sense, of course. The hall is decorated with numerous aircraft, creating a very special atmosphere. A space walk in the largest and most modern planetarium in Switzerland and an exclusive museum tour “A night in the museum” will round off the evening.

Swiss Museum of Transport: the perfect location

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne is the country’s innovative platform for presenting the topics of the future, as well as the most visited museum in Switzerland. With the new “House of Energy” visitor experience and learning laboratory, which will open in spring 2023, the Swiss Museum of Transport is setting another milestone to make sure it will remain one of the world’s leading and creative technical museums in the future.

Swiss Museum of Transport
Lidostrasse 5
6006 Luzern

Martin Bütikofer
Swiss Museum of Transport

“Instructive, fun, exciting. The topic of hydrogen is turned into a complete experience at the Swiss Museum of Transport: a journey into the world of energy.”

In the heart of Switzerland

Directly on Lake Lucerne, surrounded by Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, lies Lucerne, the cultural capital of Central Switzerland with the country’s most visited museum, the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Good accessibility

The city of Lucerne, in the centre of Switzerland, is very well served by public transport. The Swiss Museum of Transport is connected to rail, bus and boat services.



The conference center, the film theatre and the planetarium indoors, as well as the external arena, offer space for unforgettable and unique events.

Mediation platform

Mediation platform

The most popular mediation platform for the general public when it comes to mobility: politically neutral, opinion-forming and credible.

Events not to be missed

Synfuels Forum at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre – 27 May 2022

Synfuels Forum at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre
27 May 2022

Refuelling classic combustion engines with climate-neutral fuel? Thanks to synfuels (e-fuels), this is no longer wishful thinking. The Synfuels Forum will take place for the second time on 27 May as part of Swiss Classic World at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre. The event will feature interesting presentations and panel discussions with renowned Swiss and foreign speakers from the fields of science and business.

f-cell Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Trade Fair – 4. to 5. October 2022

f-cell Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Trade Fair –
4. to 5. October 2022

The interactive format of f-cell offers an optimal platform for experts and newcomers to make contacts, hold discussions and establish sustainable business relationships. f-cell consists of a conference with interactive plenary sessions and workshops as well as an international trade fair.

Powerfuel Week 2023 – 13 to 21 May 2023

Powerfuel Week 2023 –
13 to 21 May 2023

A growth in activity in the field of hydrogen has been observed for several years not just in Switzerland, but worldwide. As well as the scientific community, users themselves are also becoming increasingly active. In addition, the topic is being addressed more intensively by politicians in Europe. After the first edition in May 2022, Powerfuel Week is set to become Switzerland’s international series of events on the topic of hydrogen (and synfuels) and will be held annually in Lucerne.

Become part of Powerfuel Week 2022

Don’t miss the chance to become part of this new and innovative event concept. Reach your potential customers at the Powerfuel Conference 2022. Present your company and your portfolio to leading OEMs, decision-makers, researchers and newcomers from the entire application spectrum related to hydrogen and fuel cells.

Do you have any questions? We can help you with planning and preparation.

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Elmar Schäfer
Quade & Zurfluh AG

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Trade Fair
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Daniel Geissmann
Powerfuel Days
Swiss Museum of Transport

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